Life Death Whatever – A new community

Life Death Whatever – A new community

The Life Death Whatever Community is here - and we're in.

Life Death Whatever

In October 2016, Life Death Whatever partnered with the National Trust to bring a ground breaking festival to London.  Sutton House in Hackney hosted an eclectic lineup of events, installations and workshops, encouraging creative reflection on life, death and everything in-between.

Following this great success – and after a hard-earned break – Life Death Whatever are back, and they are hoping that we’ll all join them.

Growing the death-positive movement

The Life Death Whatever community is “an eclectic group of people from many different disciplines – artists, writers, funeral professionals, hospice and hospital workers, counsellors, medical staff and interested members of the public – united in our commitment to redesigning the dialogue around death, dying, life and living.”

Just like the Art of Dying Well, Life Death Whatever believe that one of the first steps towards a good death is to live a good life, and one way to do that is to acknowledge, accept and talk about death and dying – openly and without fear.

We are very proud to be supporters and members of the Life Death Whatever community, and can’t wait to continue getting to know this exciting and ever-growing death-positive movement.